Benefits Of Staying At Home Than A Hostel

Benefits Of Staying At Home Than A Hostel

Staying at the hostel can be fun and cool but there is surely a comfort in a home that is unmatched. You can be “you” at your home and surely, in this time of self-quarantine, a home’s comfort is what every hosteler is deprived of. The hygienic well-prepped meal, your comfy sofa to lay on while binge-watching Netflix is truly a blessing for a hosteler.

Foremostly, living in a home means you are in the safest environment and you can touch every surface of it without being paranoid, however, when you are at the hostel, you are always skeptical and unsure about the hygiene of it. Whether the door noobs are clean? Am I eating the food made by an infected person? Does everyone sanitize? These thoughts must be haunting the hostelers however the people who are at home eats clean and can maintain the hygiene level as it is quite transparent.

You can binge-watch your favorite season at your home without your internet buffering, but this is not what happens when you are a hosteler. You go through from the pain of continuous disconnection and buffering so a brownie point goes in the court of the people who stay at home.

And what is better than to get the time to spend with your families, this is luxury that you are deprived of in hostels, you don’t get the time to spend time with your loved ones you are living far in your world but home is where the family is. At there you can spend time with your loved ones, you can share your happiness and sorrow which is something a hosteler miss.

Staying at home seems a privilege when you come back from work after a shift of 8-10 hours, tired and starving but no one is there to help you then hostelers miss the home. Where one of your family members comes to your rescue whenever you are in need.

I, myself find staying at home a lot more comfortable and relaxing as compared to the hostel. I can spend time with my family, have hygienic food can sleep on my comfortable bed and then have a cup of tea peacefully on the terrace. I believe this little happiness can only be found at home hence, home surely has benefits when it comes to staying than hostels.